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There are many different ways to manage MS. This might include drug treatments for individual symptoms or relapses, diet, exercise and alternative therapies.

Early treatment of MS can improve symptoms and reduce the frequency of relapses. The first line treatment is injectable such as Interferons that are given 3 times a week or every other day. The second line treatment are Natalizumab which are injections given in the hospital once every 28 days. Natalizumab can also be given as first line for aggressive or severe disease. Other drugs are Fingolimod which is the first oral treatment available for MS. Mitoxantrone has been used for some patients, given every 3 months for 2 years. Newer drugs are Dimethyl Fumarate(BG12), Teriflunamide and Alemtuzumab.

It can be frustrating if treatments aren’t suitable for you or don’t work as well. Lots of people with MS find it useful to actively manage their health by altering their diet and engaging with exercise and making lifestyle changes.